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What is EMRIC?

EMRIC is an abbreviation for Euregion Meuse-Rhine Incident control and Crisis management. EMRIC ia a unique collaboration of public services, that are responsible for public safety, including fire services, technical assistance and emergency medical care in their respective territories. In a region that is so rich of borders, like the Euregion Meuse-Rhine, emergency services from abroad can often be at the scene of the incident faster than own services. When every second counts, fast assistance is vital. 


The collaborating servcies are the fire services of Aachen, the Ordnungsamt from Kreis Heinsberg and the Ordnunsamt from the Städteregion Aachen in Germany, de Province of Limburg and Liège in Belgium and the Veiligheidsregio and GGD Zuid-Limburg in the Netherlands. These are the organisations that fund the collaboration and the so-called EMRIC office. In addition to these seven partners, over 30 services and governments are involved in the EMRIC collaboration. 

EMRIC ensures that cross-border collaboration is possible, however, self-evident it is in the least. Within these three countries, operational and legal systems differ to such extent, that a lot needs to be arranged, before ambulance or fire trucks are allowed to cross the border. In a region that is so rich of borders, like the Euregion Meuse-Rhine, working, recreating and studying across the border has become self-evident, however, this was not the case for assisting each other in case of emergencies. 

Luckily, a lot has been arranged over the years, often in collaboration with other governmental levels (national, federal, provincial and municipal). Currently, about 900 ambulances and 300 fire trucks cross the broder to deliver fast and adequate assistance in case of emergencies.

More information about the EMRIC-collaboration can be found under the different tabs on this website. Feel free to also take a look at the part of our website designed for professionals, where more detailed information can be found.  

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