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Disasters and accidents

During large-scale incidents and disasters, it could be the case that more ambulances, fire trucks or hospital beds are needed than are available within the affected area. In these cases it is conventional that neighbouring regioins assist. Within the EMR, neighbouring services can often deliver assistance faster than other regions within the country. This is especially the case for Zuid-Limburg, which only has 6 kilometers of border to Limburg-Noord. However, also in other areas within the EMR assistance from neighbouring regions forms a good addition to the capacities within the own region. 

In these cases, it has been arranged, that assistance from the neighbouring regions can be requested. In addition, it has been arranged that victims can be transported to hospitals within the own and neighbouring regions without any delay, where the best timely care can be delivered. These EMRIC-agreements increase the service capcities within the region. 

Also with specific requests, the services within the EMR can ask for assistance: more pumps to help with a flood, a specific tool needed which is not owned by the service itself, sandbags ............. the neighbours come to the rescue. 

As services and dispatch centres are in contact with each other an collaborate frequently, contact and collaboration will run smoothly during large-scale incidents and disasters. One is after all, familiar with each other and each others systems.